Strategic Partnerships

Long Island SEO, SEO Long IslandThere is tremendous demand for optimization services. Many website developers are not trained to offer the comprehensive optimization packages that SEOptimization.Pro provides to our clients. That is why we offer strategic partnerships to website developers and marketing agencies. Give your clients value-added services and produce results, all while maintaining your brand integrity. Your clients never have to know that SEOptimization.Pro is providing high level development services on the backend of their website.

The process is simple. You sell our packages to your clients at face value and we cut you a commission check. It's that easy! Based on your business volume, you can earn up to 25% commissions on direct sales to your current customer base.

We do all the work. We generate all of the reports. We modify all code, metatagging, link trading, PPC management. We do it all. All you have to do is make the sale and collect your commission.

Contact SEOptimization.Pro today about delivering value added Optimization services to your clientele, and we can grow our businesses together.

Why SEOptimization.Pro?
  • Optimization Specialists
  • Measurable Results
  • The Trusted Network
  • Teamwork
  • Branded Analytics Reporting

Now Available: Branded Analytics Reporting

Want your company logo to appear on all reporting information to your clients? Just provide us with an image file suitable for print and we will include your brand on all reporting materials. Give your clients the confidence that you are going the extra mile by providing them with superior services from SEOptimization.Pro. They never have to know!

We offer strategic reseller partnerships that will give you the opportunity to provide our services to your clients while maintaining your brand integrity. Deliver measurable optimization results, and cement your client relationships. Contact us today discuss our strategic partnerships.

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about stragtegic partnerships for website developers.

Commission Incentives

Long Island SEO, SEO Long IslandOur tiered commission program rewards frequent sales with higher percentages. The more you sell, the bigger your commission bonus. Inquire today about earning up to 25% of the retail value of our professional optimization services by offering our value added products to your clientele. 

Sell just one six month SEO/PPC combo package at the Silver level and you will earn a commission check for over $800. Sell five of the same package in a calendar year and you can earn a staggaring $6700. Thats a lot of money considering you don't have to lift a finger after the sale is made.

Custom Quotes

Call SEOptimization.Pro today to discuss the needs of your business. We tailor optimization projects to your specific situation and budget. Let our specialists put the web to work for you.

Website Design

Is your business currently online? If not, you are missing out on a robust marketplace with tremendous revenue opportunities. Contact us today to discuss getting started on the road to web success.

SEO/PPC Combo Packages

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Get the most out of your campaign by combining SEO & Search Marketing. Save up to 15% off individual campaings when you group SEO & PPC.

Google AdWords

adwordsboxNew To Search Advertising?

Get started today for as little as $11* per day (*plus admin fee). Contact us to see if you qualify for up to $50 off your first AdWords Campaign!

Coupon Code

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Mention Coupon Code CityZen to get a 20% discount on your first month of services from SEOptimization.Pro.