What is the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Let's examine Google. A search for baseball gloves delivers the following results:

Long Island SEO, SEO Long Island

We have highlighted the Organic SEO Results and the SEM/PPC Results.
Notice the difference in the placement of these results.

SEO Results
Organic results, those of the SEO variety, appear in the Orange area. Getting prime placement on the first few pages of your targeted keyword searches is the goal of Search Engine Optimization. The Orange SEO results can be fifty pages or longer. Most searchers will only look at this first page, if not the first few pages before they find what they are looking for, or give up and try another search. Ranking high with search engines will increase your exposure to browsers, and help to develop your brand as a trusted source.

SEM/PPC Results
Paid ads, those of the SEM/PPC variety, appear in the Blue area. These are considered highlighted results because they appear seperate from the organic SEO Results, but also because they occupy better real estate. There are fewer results displayed in the SEM/PPC Zone, resulting in high competition for keywords. Every time someone clicks on a link in the Blue SEM/PPC zone, the advertiser is charged for the lead. When utilizing SEM/PPC advertising, it is important to optimize your website to convert leads into sales.

Long Island SEO, SEO Long IslandInternet Real-Estate
Think of the internet like a game of Monopoly. Blue SEM/PPC results would occupy Boardwalk and Park Place, while Orange SEO results would occupy New York Ave, Tenessee Ave, and St. James Place. It costs more to purchase the Blue spaces, but the return on investment is also greater. Better real estate leads to higher ROI, but it is important to invest in cheaper properties so that you can afford more expensive options later.

Houses & Hotels:
You strike it rich with a roll of the dice when someone lands on a property that you have improved with houses or hotels. Simply owning a property is not enough. Investing time and capital into developing hotels on the Orange and Blue properties leads to even greater returns. Improving your website's functionality, code, design and conversion funnel will lead to ROI in the same way that developing houses and hotels on Monopoly properties does. Always remember to improve your real estate holdings to maximize ROI. It's great if your website ranks high and you receive a lot of traffic. It's better if you convert that traffic into sales...

It is for this very reason that the professional optimization specialists at SEOptimization.Pro suggest a holistic approach that targets both SEO and SEM / PPC results. We help our clients move up in the internet real-estate world. We develop your properties to maximize your investment and we deliver measureable results. In addition to our SEO and SEM packages, we offer many helpful services for businesses that want to improve their online presence. From full e-commerce development to social media marketing, SEOptmization.Pro is your online marketing partner.

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