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SEOptimization.Pro is a boutique online marketing firm that applies integrated cross-platform marketing strategies to increase traffic, customer acquisition and retention. We employ the lastest technological enhancements to provide our clients with secure, White Hat solutions aimed at increasing visibility online, while mantaining brand identity and security. We specialize in managing expansive websites with large volumes of content. Whether your goal is increased e-commerce revenue, expanded geographical reach, or hyperlocal targeting of customers within your community, we have solutions for you.

SEOptimization.Pro combines the use of online advertising like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads with Social Media Mangagement and SEO techniques to deliver more users to your website, and to convert casual browsers into loyal clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization ( 8 Articles )

    Long Island SEO, SEO Long IslandSEOptimization.Pro is the source for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the term used for improving your site in relation to your search engine ranking. Your placement in the search engine index is essential to your flow of traffic. The vast majority of mainstream sites will receive traffic directly from search engines such as Google. The higher your ranking / placement in these indexes, the greater the flow of traffic. More traffic equals higher ROI.

    For example, if you are an Electrician in Brooklyn, NY, and someone googled electrician brooklyn and you hold the #1 spot in Google, it is most likely that person will visit your site. Most searchers are going to browse the first few sites in Google and not others. Therefore, you want to be placed in this bracket.

    Search Engine Optimization in practice is the art of manipulating web site structure, code and content to generate better organic search results. Organic search results are the target of SEO because these are the unpaid, natural results that search engines deliver to users. The ability to get your website to the front page of search results is not beyond reach. SEOptimization.Pro has the knowledge, skills and experience needed to modify your existing website for maximum ROI, or build a website from the ground up, optimized to outperform the competition.

    Call us to discuss your online business goals. We will survey your current website and provide you with custom recommendations that are results oriented.

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    may contact you about your SEO development needs.

  • Search Marketing ( 7 Articles )

    Long Island SEO, SEO Long IslandWant your company name and website to appear at the very top of search results? This prime real-estate is the domain of Search Marketing, paid advertisements displayed at the top and side of most search engine result pages (SERPS). Search Marketing focuses on Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and is the most popular form of internet advertising. Strategically displayed advertisements on search engines and social media websites draw in huge numbers of potential clients. There are a lot of websites competing for this prime placement, and success depends upon experience.

    SEOptimization.Pro is the expert source for development, management and placement of PPC advertising. We utilize proven methods to deliver targeted advertising direct to the demographic of your choice. We can stretch your online marketing budget through careful management of your Search Marketing campaigns and produce significant leads to your website.

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    may contact you about your SEM/PPC development needs.

  • Conversions ( 5 Articles )

    Having trouble getting your site visitors to fill out the contact form? Seeing a lot of traffic but not generating sales? Conversion Optimization gets right to the point of your professional website; generating leads and making sales. Place conversion goals at the top of your priority list and watch casual web browsers become loyal customers.

    creditshopAt SEOptimization.Pro, we employ advanced ROI Analytics, Usability Studies, and A/B Testing to optimize your landing page and identify goal conversion traffic jams. We work with you to modify your website for easy use and increase the impact of your contact form. Add more leads to your database with Conversion Optimization services.

    Call us today to discuss your online business goals. We will survey your current website and provide you with custom recommendations that are results oriented.

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    may contact you about your Conversion development needs.

  • Social Media ( 5 Articles )

    Exciting opportunities for revenue generation and increased customer base exist in the realm of Social Media Networks. As businesses search for new ways to get their marketing message out to the masses, more turn to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social media outlets for increased exposure.

    Long Island SEO, SEO Long IslandIt is easy to set up a profile and update it from time to time, but to maximize your efforts and see a return on your investment, it is essential to have a comprehensive plan for Social Media outreach. SEOptimization.Pro provides all the services you will need to enhance your Social Media presence and make an impact in this exciting marketplace. From basic setup and account management to website integration and environmental design, we can transform your social media profile into a powerful tool for your business.

    Let SEOptimization.Pro develop custom layouts for your profiles, manage your connection to "friends" and subscribers, and create riveting content that will connect with your target audience. You will notice a significant increase in traffic to your website, see increased ROI, and create lasting relationships with customers who want to stay informed.

    Don't let your business rivals beat you to the punch! With Social Media services from SEOptimization.Pro, your business can exploit the vast opportunities presented by the Social Media marketplace and dominate the competition.

    Long Island SEO, SEO Long Island Please submit your information so that we
    may contact you about your Social Media development needs.

    Long Island SEO, SEO Long Island

  • Optimized Design ( 5 Articles )

    Web Pioneers Pushing The Boundaries

    From our humble begninnings as web pioneers, the coders and project managers at SEOptimization.Pro have extensive experience creating projects to our clients exacting specifications. We have harnessed the power of the internet by staying active with the latest technology, studying usage habits, pushing the boundaries of design, and making functionality a priority. Wheather your budget is $1,000 or $50,000 we will efficently manage your marketing allowance for maximum ROI, and deliver quality beyond expectations.

    Your online business starts with the development of a website. Why not start off right with a website designed for optimal interaction with search engines? With Optimized Design services from SEOptimization.Pro, we will save you time and money by developing a stellar website with the best SEO techniques available.

    Get it right the first time, stay ahead of the curve.

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