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Have you fallen out of good graces with the search giant? SEOptimization.Pro believes that business owners have the right to know where they stand with Google. Recent changes to the Google Algorithm have affected hundreds of thousands of websites. Webmasters worldwide are reporting significant declines in organic search traffic, damaging revenue and ROI.

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Get on the Same Page with Google

Reputation Management is a major buzzword in today’s digital marketing environment. But did you know that the majority of companies are overlooking the most important aspect of RM? Your website’s relationship with Google is arguably the most vital lifeline in the digital marketing spectrum. And today, that relationship is at risk. Why you ask? Because of recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, hundreds of thousands of websites that previously enjoyed high SERPs rankings and steady organic traffic have been penalized. Most site owners don’t even know they have been affected.

Find The Dirt & Wipe The Slate Clean

seopro_cleanslatesamplereportEvaluation - Discover Your Link Health
The first step in the process is to order our Clean Slate Report. This detailed study of your website’s backlink health allows you to understand how Google sees your website. Armed with this knowledge, you can feel comfortable that your website makes the grade, or be empowered to clean your site of negative links.

We identify toxic, suspicious and beneficial inbound links and report the findings to you in clear, understandable terms. Knowledge is power, and we deliver clarity to our clients so they know exactly where they stand.

If your site is healthy, we provide you with tips to maintain your good relationship with Google.
If your site is being negatively affected by toxic and suspicious backlinks, SEOPro has the remedy

Remediation - Quarantine & Eliminiate Bad Links
The second portion of our service targets toxic and suspicious backlinks for remediation. For just $.25 per link, we manually evaluate every suspicious and toxic backlink for SEO benefit. It takes a human touch to pass the final filter; you don't want to eliminate links that may benefit your website or relationship. Utilizing advanced SEO, Relationship Management and Analytics tools, our specialists develop a quarantine list of links that have a negative impact on your SERPs rankings. Finally, we disassociate your website with toxic and suspicious links that are hurting performance by submitting this list to Google.

Disavowing your casual backlink relationships with link traders, web-rings, spam and malicious sites tells Google that you appreciate their service. Your website’s reputation with Google will skyrocket, leading to increased visibility, better SERPs results for your organic keywords, and the end to blacklisting and other Google penalties.

Who Benefits From Clean Slate?

    Clean Slate Backlink Remediation Service
    • Every Website Owner Should Know Where They Stand.

    • Webmasters that have received Google’s “Un-natural Link Warning” message.

    • Websites that have engaged in black/gray hat SEO techniques.

    • Any website that was established prior to 2008.

    • Websites that have seen a decrease in overall organic traffic since August 2012.

    • Websites that rely on organic search for visits, leads and sales.

    • The World Internet Community By identifying and remediating toxic and suspicious backlinks, we’re helping Google clean sweep the internet from malicious, useless, spamy and downright fraudulent sites that clutter then net.

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Know Where You Stand!
Order your Clean Slate Report Now. Unlock the power of Google and eliminate negative backlinks, SERPs penalties and get off the Blacklist. Take advantage of our introductory rate today!

Clean Slate SEO Remediation Service Package
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*SEOPro will contact you upon receipt of payment to confirm your site details and start the Report process. Report takes 3-5 business days to complete. This is a one time payment and service. Should you elect to move forward with Clean Slate remediation services, or for ongoing reputation monitoring, additional fees apply.

CS Monthly Monitor

The Clean Slate Monitoring Service combines the best backlink evaluations with quick remediation response on a monthly basis.

Available to all clients after initial report and remediation, this service maintains your status with Google in a changing online environment. Up to date monitoring with the latest Google Algorithim tweaks. Monthly report and remediation guarantees that your website stays compliant. 

  • Receive 1 Clean Slate Evaluation Report Each Month
  • Ongoing Remediation Targets All New Backlinks
  • Maintains Google Algorithm Update Compliance

Monthly billing subscriptions are $59.99mo. or get 1 year of service @ $49.99mo. to realize significant savings!

Payment Options

*This is a subscription service with monthly or yearly billing cycles. Billing is automatic and clients are responsible to start, stop or modify their service as needed.

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